Single Story For Sale in Westmount, Edmonton

•  single story FOR SALE  CAD440,000 .

The subject property is 1929 built Heritage Home in need of some major foundation work. It is a very rare house even for the Westmount Architectural Heritage Area because it is more of a depression era house (beginning thereof) of which Edmonton has very few. Most mature Edmonton neighborhoods comprise either pre WWI houses (1910-1917 in the WAHA) or Post WWII.
Nowhere is this more evident than along Ada Boulevard where you see the Ash House, Magrath Mansion, Holgate House, interspaced with houses from following decades of the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70,s. For this reason, there are many folks who would like to see this house saved and renovated. However, the realities of the market would likely mean that a buyer looking for an infill build lot would be willing to pay more than the buyer of a renovation project. So much work is required that such a buyer wants to be almost “incentivized” by way of a purchase price that provides some safty for the many varibles and unknowns such renovations always expose once things get underway.

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